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19-May-2016 10:54

Inspired by silent cinema, physical slapstick began to dominate the strips.In 1915 The Funny Wonder began featuring a Charlie Chaplin strip on its covers, and more movie stars packed the pages of Film Fun in 1920. "Weary Willie and Tired Tim" (two cheery tramps on the road), "Pitch and Toss" (the comical sailors), and "Homeless Hector" (a stray dog) were typical of the time, but big changes were on the horizon.However, the irreverent personality of Ally Sloper, the gin-drinking hard-luck hero served as a template for things to come.Similar "comic papers" followed, shifting their direction towards a younger readership with Comic Cuts and Illustrated Chips (both launched in 1890) and The Funny Wonder (1892).

The origins of the British comedy strip date back to the 19th Century, with weekly black and white tabloid publications such as Funny Folks (1874) and Ally Sloper's Half Holiday (1884, final picture).About a year after moving to the James Avenue apartment, the Schulz family rented a house around the corner at 473 Macalester Street.