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The professional workshop also comes after the deadliest tornado season in more than 75 years in 2011, with 2012 off to a similar start. economy is thought to be affected annually by weather. Monday Severe Risk Now Extends Into Western/Southern Minnesota. Such regulatory developments and storm damage in the billions of dollars in the last few years are causing the industry to take another look at forecast models used to assess the risk of catastrophic events and set rates, say organizers of a local workshop on the topic next month. Here is the tornado that touched down Sunday evening, illuminated by a burst from high tension lines. Tornadoes are especially dangerous at night, when it's very difficult to track the funnels - spotters and chasers have to rely on lightning flashes and sparks from the tornado hitting high tension lines.

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It read: 'Does it count as a police chase if you drag the cop along for the ride?

As of Saturday metro temperatures were running more than 12 degrees warmer than average for March. A few minutes before people were water-skiing on Lotus. Excelsior Bay is open on Lake Minnetonka, still some lingering ice on the main Upper and Lower Lake. ^The high of 80 degrees on March 17th is the earliest 80 degree temperature on record for the Twin Cities. Yesterday I was up at my dad's - Hillman Township - west of Onamia, and there were red winged black birds at the feeder. It was hard not to have a good time, during the warmest St. Photo courtesy of Broadcast Weather meteorologist Aaron Shaffer. Hey, What's A Few Thousand Weather Records Among Friends? And what tools and information are schools using to make those decisions?